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Nicolae Ceausescu

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Tito did not like Ceaušescu personally, because when they went hunting wild boars together, Ceaušescu cheated and broke the rules. He once took a shot at a boar, and having missed it, fired at it a second time after the boar had moved out of Ceaušescu's and into Tito's field of fire. Tito then killed the boar with his first shot, but Ceaušescu falsely claimed that he too had hit the boar with his shot. 'In that case, your shot must have gone up the hole under the boar's tail,' said Tito sarcastically. When they went hunting together again a few year later, Ceaušescu again claimed to have killed a boar when it was in fact Tito who had shot it.
Jasper Ridley, Tito: A Biography (Constable and Company Ltd., 1994), p. 353.

Nicolae Ceausescu

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"Heroj Tito, druže Tito, naš Tito!" [Hero Tito, Comrade Tito, our Tito!]. This impressed itself on me because we had heard this slogan from the Italian fascists when they shouted, "Duce a noi!" [The Duce is ours!]. I was astonished how they could permit it.

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Nicolae Ceaušescu had the fame of a heretic, but he was very different from Tito. He was the most Stalinist of the Balkan Communist tyrants, in tune with the past of his homeland, Oltenia, a land of dark forests and Ottoman atrocities.

Nicolae Ceausescu

Nicolae Ceaušescu aveva fama di eretico, ma era diversissimo da Tito. Era il pi? staliniano dei tiranni comunisti balcanici. Umili origini. In sintonia con le radici della sua terra, l'Oltenia, landa di foreste oscure e di atrocit? ottomane.

Nicolae Ceausescu

By no stretch of the imagination - as people who knew him closely, personally, or professionally would testify - was Mohammad Reza Shah a dictator in either the historical or contemporary sense of the word. He was not ruthless, mean-spirited, bloody, or tyrannical. A twentieth century man in the street would identify a dictator with Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Idi Amin, Bokassa, Duvalier, Doe, Ceausescu. Mohammad Reza Shah resembled none of them. He may have been an autocrat in the genre of Tito and Franco, but he was not a dictator.

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