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Roman Polanski

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People like Truffaut, Lelouch and Godard are like little kids playing at being revolutionaries. I've passed through this stage. I lived in a country where these things happened seriously.

Roman Polanski

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This book is a ripped, by no mean reliable map of some of the landscapes that make up a particular phase of my life. Itís about places where things happened or didnít happen, places where I stayed and things that have stayed with me, places Iíd wanted to see or places I passed through or just ended up. In a way theyíre all the same placeóthe same landscapeóbecause the person these things happened to was the same person who in turn is the sum of all things that happened or didnít happen in these and other places. Everything in this book really happened, but some of the things that happened only happened in my head; by that same token, all the things that didnít happen didnít happen there too.

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Of course, there is no doubt that if we lived in a police state, it would be easier to catch terrorists. If we lived in a country that allowed the police to search your home at any time for any reason; if we lived in a country that allowed the government to open your mail, eavesdrop on your phone conversations, or intercept your email communications; if we lived in a country that allowed the government to hold people in jail indefinitely based on what they write or think, or based on mere suspicion that they are up to no good, then the government would no doubt discover and arrest more terrorists. But that probably would not be a country in which we would want to live. And that would not be a country for which we could, in good conscience, ask our young people to fight and die. In short, that would not be America.

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The Holocaust would never have happened if black people lived in Germany in the 1930s and 40s Ö well, it wouldn't have happened to Jews.

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I wrote 87 Goosebumps books. That's a lot of books for a human, isn't it? None of us expected what happened with Goosebumps. We started it in 1992, and by 1994, I was turning out a Goosebumps a month, and it was doing okay for a while. And then it just took off like nothing we'd ever seen. It took off all over the world Ė not through advertising, hype, or promotions Ė but just kids telling kids. There's some kind of secret kids network out there. Just kids telling kids about it, and this thing grew everywhere. It was in 28 languages. At one point, after a couple years, we were selling 4 million Goosebumps books a month.

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Then people ask me if I'm worried about the effects of global warming on my kids. Well, obviously I love my kids and I want them to live to be a 100. So that's another 1.8 degrees. My kidsí kids? Three point six. I'll just tell them we moved to Phoenix.

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