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Thomas Haynes Bayly (1797 – 1839)

Popular miscellaneous writer best known for his songs.
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Thomas Haynes Bayly
Oh pilot, 't is a fearful night!
There's danger on the deep.
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I've now got the music book ready,
Do sit up and sing like a lady
A recitative from Tancredi,
And something about "Palpiti!"
Sing forte when first you begin it,
Piano the very next minute,
They'll cry "What expression there's in it!"
Don't sing English ballads to me!
My fond affection thou hast seen,
Then judge of my regret
To think more happy thou hadst been
If we had never met.

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Fear not, but trust in Providence,
Wherever thou may'st be.
Bayly Thomas Haynes
Tell me the tales that to me were so dear,
Long, long ago, long, long ago.
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Absence makes the heart grow fonder:
Isle of Beauty, fare thee well!
Thomas Haynes Bayly
Gayly the troubadour
Touched his guitar.
Bayly Thomas Haynes quotes
Surely 't is better, when summer is over
To die when all fair things are fading away.
I'm saddest when I sing.
Bayly Thomas Haynes
Why don't the men propose, Mamma?
Why don't the men propose?
Thomas Haynes Bayly
She wore a wreath of roses
The first night that we met.

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I'd be a butterfly born in a bower,
Where roses and lilies and violets meet.
Thomas Haynes Bayly
We met,'t was in a crowd.
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Those that have wealth must be watchful and wary,
Power, alas! naught but misery brings!
Bayly Thomas Haynes
Oh, I have roamed o'er many lands,
And many friends I've met;
Not one fair scene or kindly smile
Can this fond heart forget.
Bayly Thomas Haynes quotes
The rose that all are praising
Is not the rose for me.
Thomas Haynes Bayly
The mistletoe hung in the castle hall,
The holly-branch shone on the old oak wall.
Thomas Haynes Bayly quotes
Oh no! we never mention her,
Her name is never heard;
My lips are now forbid to speak
That once familiar word.
Thomas Haynes Bayly
Friends depart, and memory takes them
To her caverns, pure and deep.
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