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Richard Blackwood

British stand-up comedian, television personality, sometime actor and MC.
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Richard Blackwood
It's flattering being compared to Will Smith because he's successful and brilliant at what he does and he's a nice and funny guy. But at the end of the day, I want to be known as Richard Blackwood.
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I'd describe myself as intelligent, kind, stubborn(ish), friendly, trustworthy, bluntly honest and terrible at saving.
He's rich, successful, talented, elegant and these are the only differences between him and Richard Blackwood. Except he's got a job, somewhere to live, fans and a grounding in reality. It's P Diddy.

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A man who can list on his CV rapper, comedian, presenter, actor, writer all after the word 'failed'. Superstar fantasist Richard Blackwood. Or as I think of him, Won't Smith.
Blackwood Richard
You've heard of Beverly Hills Cop - well I want to do a Brixton Hills Cop.
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