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Nicolae Paulescu (1869 – 1931)

Romanian physiologist, professor of medicine, and the discoverer of insulin.
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Nicolae Paulescu
The Kahal is the organization of the Jewish nation. It is the result of the Talmudic dogma of Chosen People, the doctrine under which the Jews should not merge with other nations, because God has promised them to have all the earth and to rule the world... The Kahal organization is mysterious which, wrapped in the innocuous appearance of religious communities, made possible the preservation of the Jewish people, amid strong nations which he broke, or is on the road to destroy.
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The Kahal is the corrupting factor which changes our state - it is the cause of the seizure, the trusts, the failures that undermine trade, industry and agriculture in Romania - it is the body that wanders through the public newspapers which it subsidizes - it is the agent spreading the insidious ideas of materialism and liberalism, socialism, anarchism - it is the power of occult Freemasonry. The Kahal is, finally, the agent of revolutions that shook the world and, for some time, troubled the peace of the wretched Romanian people. This is the occult Jewish power against which mankind is disarmed, because they do not know.
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