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Blackie Lawless

American singer and guitarist of W A S P.
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Blackie Lawless
I care dearly for this country [USA]. I do love this country. I spend enough time overseas to realize that as bad as it is it's still probably about the best thing going. What kills me though is when I know it can be better.
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I was raised very religious. I always went to church. I am Jewish bloodline but I am Christian faith. I was brought up christian faith rather. I still have very deep beliefs in God and things like that but I don't subscribe to the organized religion that I grew up with.
F*ck political correctness, that went down with the World Trade Center.

Lawless Blackie quotes
One of the reasons why Chris [Holmes] and I hooked up is that we were such extreme personalities. We had the ability to be the nicest people you'd ever want to meet, but cross us and we could turn into the devil himself. There was just a wide range of emotions going on there, but probably artists in general are like that. They just have a wide emotional swing.
Lawless Blackie
I have people constantly come up to me telling me that I have written their life. When I wrote the story I thought it was a pretty good story but I had no idea that many people felt like that.
Blackie Lawless quotes
If you’re gonna take the audience on a life long ride, you’ve got to allow them to become intimate with you. If they’re not intimate, they’re never gonna know you.
Blackie Lawless
I can not draw or paint worth a damn, because I can't see it in my head before I do it. I can sculpt and I do crafts but I can not draw. When it comes to music I can hear it before it happens, which most people can't do.
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