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Alison Lohman

American actress who was born in Palm Springs, California.
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Alison Lohman
She's so young and so impressionable. There's an innocence and a vulnerability that you almost can't really manufacture. It's like a look in the eye that a young girl has that a 23-year-old doesn't.
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One of the reasons I've hesitated to be an actor is you have to do talk shows and interviews. I'm really a private person and not into telling everything about me. Michelle [Pfeiffer] told me to think of doing publicity as the work and acting as the fun part.
Without even saying anything, just his eyes... Itís not like he forces you to do it, but the power that he has, itís something in his spirit. Itís almost like intangible and kind of magical. He has an energy that kind of lifts you. Any doubt that you had is just gone. You just do it Ė itís really simple. It was so easy to work with him."

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I wanted to look young in this role, it was a needed thing. Sheís 14. This role I really needed to feel 14, I had to be 14 in every way possible, so I hung out with my 14 year-old cousin for a month. She had a retainer and pigtails and all that. Thereís something in their eyes, between age 10 and 15 I think, itís just that sort of Ďanything is possibleí look. For me, the most beautiful thing you could ever see is like a childís eyes. I wanted to really make sure that I captured her spirit, that youthful spirit. For me itís all about dreaming. What does she look like when she walks? Whatís the look in her eye? Itís not about, ĎOh, on this move, Iím going to put my arm like that.í Itís just the whole spirit, so that any way that I would move would be right.
Lohman Alison
I wore a blue spandex outfit and a gold belt. It was goofy and off-the-wall, but I love doing things like that.
Alison Lohman quotes
I figured he'd be like a genius, because he is. Heís very, very subtle and nuanced. Itís very much in the eyes. Thatís how it is in real life. Heís such a great actor. I was just amazed that I got the chance to work with him.
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