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Alexander Rybak

Norwegian singer-composer, violinist, pianist, writer, and actor of Belarusian descent.
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Alexander Rybak
People call me stupid for treating you like a queen, but I dont even worry `cause you`re my unforeseen.
And I hope that you`ll be with me, if only in my dreams. But here you are next to me and you`re glad, or so it seems.
Rybak quotes
Your boyfriends might be angry, my girlfriends might be blue. But no one can deny it, from now on I love you.
I'm in love with a fairytale, even though it hurts. `Cause I don`t care if I lose my mind; Im already cursed.

Rybak Alexander quotes
Don`t promise me forever, just love me day by day.
Rybak Alexander
Every day we started fighting. Every night we fell in love. No one else could make me sadder. But no one else could lift me high above.
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