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Poul Anderson

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You know what they say about bold spacemen never becoming old spacemen.
"Garden in the Void" (1952)

Poul Anderson

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And as she lookt about, she did behold,
How over that same dore was likewise writ,
Be bold, be bold, and every where Be bold,
That much she muz'd, yet could not construe it
By any ridling skill, or commune wit.
At last she spyde at that same roomes upper end,
Another yron dore, on which was writ,
Be not too bold.

Edmund Spenser

Bold confidence is a difficult matter, because it is not exactly synonymous with mental weakness. One may very well stop with it and need not go further by even wishing to judge God, that is, if in other respects bold confidence is bold confidence in the judgment, which certainly requires that Godís judgment penetrate the thought and heart, that is, if it is bold confidence in Godís mercy and these words are not a feigned pious expression of oneís own thoughtlessness, which does not trust God but is consoled by having ceased to sorrow long ago. If no human being is capable of acquitting himself he is capable of one thing-of indicting himself so terribly that he cannot acquit himself but learns to need mercy. With regard to this, it is difficult for one person to understand another, because the earnest person always lays the stress on himself.

Soren Aabye Kierkegaard

Yayayaya Gagagaga Dadadada Wowowowo
Yayayaya Gagagaga Dadadada Wowowowo
Even if you think you are too bold
It's all fine
In all honesty, I'm hesitant
To be prudent and reserved
OK, together now, "Bold & Delicious!"
Don't watch me quietly, stand up please, "Bold & Delicious!"

Ayumi Hamasaki

Now the Faith is old and the Devil is bold,
Exceedingly bold indeed;
And the masses of doubt that are floating about
Would smother a mortal creed.
But we that sit in a sturdy youth,
And still can drink strong ale,
Ohólet us put it away to infallible truth,
That always shall prevail.
And thank the Lord
For the temporal sword,
And howling heretics too;
And all good things
Our Christendom brings,
But especially barley brew!

Hilaire Belloc

Few are the women and maidens who would let themselves think that one could at the same time be joyous and modest. They are all bold and coarse in their speech, in their demeanor wild and lewd. That is now the fashion of being in good cheer. But it is specially evil that the young maiden folk are exceedingly bold of speech and bearing, and curse like troopers, to say nothing of their shameful words and scandalous coarse sayings, which one always hears and learns from another.

Martin Luther
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