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Margaret Caroline Anderson

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Intellectuals are too sentimental for me.
The Strange Necessity (1969), part 1

Margaret Caroline Anderson

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Why do I think that we, the intellectuals, are able to help? Simply because we, the intellectuals, have done the most terrible harm for thousands of years. Mass murder in the name of an idea, a doctrine, a theory, a religion — that is all our doing, our invention: the invention of the intellectuals. If only we would stop setting man against man — often with the best intentions — much would be gained. Nobody can say that it is impossible for us to stop doing this.

Karl Popper

There is a sentimental poetry, and it will have to be exposed (not censored. certainly; for to omit criticism of it would deprive us of our fairest chance to combat the sentimental rhetoric of the student’s environment).

Richard Weaver

Most people are not intellectuals — a fact that intellectuals have terrible trouble coming to terms with.

John Derbyshire

I don't think my writing is sentimental, although it is a very sentimental thing to be a human being.

William Saroyan

We live in an age which eschews sentimentality as if it were a good deal more than the devil. (Actually, of course, a writer may be just as sentimental in laying undue emphasis on sexual crimes as on dying mothers: sentimental, like scientific, is an adjective that relates to method, not to matter.)

Randall Jarrell
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