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Kenneth Griffin

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The ability to create same day straight through processing of mutual fund trades is a matter of will.
"Justice Delayed," FTSE Global Markets (May/June 2005)
On using technology to end market timing.

Kenneth Griffin

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Yes, the investor is often his own worst enemy. Yes, the marketing colossus known as the mutual fund industry provides the weaponry which enables investors’ to indulge their suicidal instincts. No, the fund industry was hardly an innocent bystander in the market boom and the subsequent carnage. "We have met the enemy and he is us"... all of us.

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The principal role of the mutual fund is to serve its investors.

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Depend upon it, nothing can be got by fraternizing with trades unions. They are founded upon principles of brutal tyranny and monopoly. I would rather live under a Dey of Algiers than a Trades Committee.

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