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Joe Trohman

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I really like Morrissey. I really wanna kiss Morrissey.

Joe Trohman

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Jools Holland: "Knock Knock!"
Morrissey: "I'm not in!"
Jools: "Oh, come on."
Morrissey: "I refuse to open the door."


Cleavage Sister: "What do you feel about erotic art?"
Morrissey:"I don't know much about rotting art?"
Cleavage Sister: "What about erotic music?"
Morrissey:"I know a great deal about rotting music."


I think I am a goner. If I die, I die a true American; and what grieves me most is, thinking that I've been murdered by a set of Irish - by Morrissey in particular.

William Poole

When Morrissey and I started The Smiths, we thought pop music was the most important thing in the world. It was almost a spiritual thing for us, and because of that, we knew what it meant to be a fan.

Johnny Marr

He's a sweet kid, I've met him a few times. He'll go down in history as a Morrissey and Marr or Lennon and McCartney type character. Him and Carl were great for each other. Apart they'll probably be shocking. There's a lot of hypocrisy in the British press about drugs. The people who write the stories are usually off their heads on cocaine anyway.

Peter Doherty
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