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Joe Trohman

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Iíve tried to make myself comfortable with most of the fretboard as possible. I like pentatonic scales because Iíve always been a big Tony Iommi fan. I play along with those a lot. I grew up playing a lot of heavy metal; Iím probably better at that than playing Fall Out Boy.

Joe Trohman

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One thing I learned a long time ago was my fretboard, in terms of all the scales in all the positions...You have to learn it - there are no two ways about it. I shift between positions so easily now that I really don't have to think about them much...I would suggest starting your scale education with the major and minor scales, and after that, diminished, augmented and whole-tone. Then depending on what kind of music you want to play, the modes should be learned. My theory about this kind of thing is that you should learn it all. Once you've learned it you can play whatever you want to play, and i think that your playing will be more advanced, and you'll have a better understanding of the insstrument.

Al Di Meola

You can be ruthless by playing football and one-touch football. Sometimes we get confused between desire and playing football. There is a fine line and sometimes we could pass the ball to each other a bit better. Football is a team effort and sometimes when you're not playing well together you need to go back to basics and play as a team.

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When we were first playing, even though it was derivative, playing music was the best, there was nothing better. And then by the second album (Freak Show) we were like, playing music makes me angry, and by the third album (Neon Ballroom) I was like, I need to play music cos life sucks. And now all of a sudden there's this really youthful enthusiasm in the band, everyone around us, there's this real positivity and everyone's vibing off the music.

Daniel Johns

I think heavy metal is therapeutic - it's music that blows the tension away. I think that's why people who have had really bad childhoods are attracted to heavy metal. It allows people to release aggression and tension in a nonviolent way. Also, heavy metal seems to attract all sorts of scruffy, lost animals, strays no one wants.

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So many different styles of music have influenced us individually and as a band. I think heavy metal is there. Itís not always the most predominant factor in Fall Out Boy, but itís definitely there. Andy and I are huge metal heads.

Joe Trohman
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