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Delivery, delivery, delivery.
Response when asked to name the three most important components of rhetoric, as quoted in Institutio Oratoria (c. 95) by Quintilian; also in Unspoken : A Rhetoric of Silence (2004) by Cheryl Glenn, p. 150


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Delivery: A postal or natal event.

Peter Greenaway

I'm sickened by the way that the delivery of so-called humanitarian aid is once again being used as a justification or cover for war.

Susan Sontag

A number three man who was merely an innocent middleman transmitting Hitler's orders without even reading them, like a postman or delivery boy.

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I swept the marble chambers,
But you sent me down below.
You kept me from believing
Until you let me know:
That I am not the one who loves
It's love that chooses me.
When hatred with his package comes,
You forbid delivery.

Leonard Cohen

A library, to modify the famous metaphor of Socrates, should be the delivery room for the birth of ideas a place where history comes to life.

Norman Cousins
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