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Sadness Quotes - page 2

Blaise Pascal | Sadness Quotes
Without amusement there is no joy; with amusement there is no sadness. 139
Blaise Pascal
Time heals griefs and quarrels, for we change and are no longer the same persons. 122
Blaise Pascal
A mere trifle consoles us, for a mere trifle distresses us. 136

Orson Scott Card
You spend your whole life grieving for those who havenít died yet.
Abraham Lincoln
To ease another's heartache is to forget one's own.
Julian of Norwich | Sadness Quotes
We are kept all as securely in Love in woe as in weal, by the Goodness of God.
Thomas Jefferson
The second office of the government is honorable and easy, the first is but a splendid misery.
Kate Bush
All young gentle dreams drowning
In life's grief
Can you hang on to me?
Antonio Porchia
You do not see the river of mourning because it lacks one tear of your own.
Antonio Porchia
When everyone sorrows, no one hears the sorrows.
Antonio Porchia | Sadness Quotes
Yes, Iíll move away. Iíd rather sorrow over your absence than over you.

Antonio Porchia
Sometimes I find that misery is so vast that I am afraid of needing it.
Anthony Burgess
She sank again into the salty water...into the delicious warm brine-tasting depths of her grief.
Anthony Burgess
"The scientific approach to life is not necessarily appropriate to states of visceral anguish."
Peter Greenaway
Nun 1: Sir, it is only a play... with music. Do not distress yourself.
Oscar Wilde | Sadness Quotes
How else but through a broken heart
May Lord Christ enter in?
Oscar Wilde
Where there is sorrow there is holy ground.
Oscar Wilde
We are the zanies of sorrow. We are clowns whose hearts are broken.
Benjamin Disraeli
Grief is the agony of an instant; the indulgence of Grief the blunder of a life.
George Bernard Shaw
In an ugly and unhappy world the richest man can purchase nothing but ugliness and unhappiness.

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