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Tomas Kalnoky

Lead singer and songwriter of the ska band Streetlight Manifesto.
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Tomas Kalnoky
I got no cash I got no girl but I got the world in the palm of my hand and I don't care if you care or if you understand because I'm a little kid and I've got little problems and I don't give a shit if you don't, you don't understand because:
I got me.
That's all I need.
And I live comfortably.
And I sleep peacefully.
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Last two soldiers on the battlefield
survivors of the war
they aim at one another while their mothers beg the lord
"if you're listening, I'm missing him
so somehow bring him home"
how did it come to this?
so the soldiers lift their rifles and they're aiming at the head
they think of their first love before they take a final breath
and somewhere in the distance they hear something someone said
how did it come to this?
Oh! My dear! My tis of thee! What a tangled web we weave!

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Why do you cry when you know how the story ends?
Kalnoky Tomas
So you're tired of living
Feel like you might give in
Well don't.
It's not your time
Tomas Kalnoky quotes
Only three things in life that are certain: the kindness of strangers, the betrayal of those trusted, and uncertainty.
Tomas Kalnoky
Hey there Salinger, what did you do?
Kalnoky Tomas quotes
So tell me: how long do you think you can go before you lose it all?
Before they call you bluff and watch you fall?
I don't know, but I'd like to think I had control
At some point, but I let it go and lost my soul
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