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Fernando Sabino (1923 – 2004)

Brazilian writer and journalist.
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Fernando Sabino
Gide says the hell of this life is that between a hundred paths we have to choose only one, and live wih nostalgia for the other ninety nine. p51
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Conmigo se hay vuelto loca toda la anatomía. ?Soy todo corazón! p64
Dante would not have forgotten: they say that when Dante was a boy, he was asked: Dante what is the best food? to test his memory. Eggs, replied Dante. Years later, when Dante was a grown man, he was asked only: how? and Dante replied: fried. p30

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the circle of politicians which surrounded him--flatterers, eventual profiteers, chaged ideas and convictions like changing a shirt, followed the expediency of the moment. p245
Sabino Fernando
Everything one sees is merely a projection of what one does not see, its true nature and substance. p315
Fernando Sabino quotes
I was going to tell you something very important. But it is so important I'd rather not say it. Only that which is not said is sincere... Only silence is sincere. The silence of someone who is sleeping, for example. How sincere is a sleeper! Sincere as a flower... It is in sleeping that everyone reveals themselves, because of the silence.
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