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Jenna Jameson

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To this day, I can't watch my own sex scenes.

Jenna Jameson

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I am in the profession of acting and so to suit the character I sometimes have to indulge in kissing and provocative scenes. I have never felt comfortable shooting for kissing sequences. Although, kissing scenes like the ones in Yuva with Abhishek Bachchan and in Hum Tum with Saif were shot in an aesthetic manner. I am still pretty much uncomfortable performing such scenes.

Rani Mukerji

Most of the pathetic scenes in almost everybody's life are scenes unnoted by anyone and totally disregarded by the person in question.

John Cowper Powys

How could liberty ever have established itself amongst us? Apart from several tragic scenes, the revolution has been nothing but a web of farcical scenes… But it is in the nation’s senate that the most grotesque parades have taken place.

Jean-Paul Marat

If she feels so powerful as a sexual being, why can't she watch her own sex scenes? If her work environment is so satisfying, why does she say that if she had a daughter, she would lock her in the house before she'd let her get involved in the sex industry? Why does she refer to her vagina as a 'ding-ding'? I'm not sure any of this is Gloria Steinem's fault.

Jenna Jameson

He was my hero in Ghulam. After that there was a long gap until Mangal Pandey. In between he did want me for Lagaan. Today, we're very close friends. The equation is different. I remembered how he used to show me to do scenes. He still tells me how to do my scenes.

Aamir Khan
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