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Jack Lambert

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If I could start my life all over again, I would be a professional football player. And you damn well better belive I'd be a Pittsburgh Steeler.
In his Hall of Fame induction speech.

Jack Lambert

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God damn X-Entertainment. God damn it for being so god damn interesting that I'd rather sit reading their god damn articles when I should be doing some god damn work. God damn them. God damn the doctor for putting me on these god damn pills that make me god damn drowsy and f**ked up all god damn morning. God damn everything. Then god damn god damning. (18 August 2004)

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The man was a supertalent. I have lost a friend and quality player. That's how Puskás was as a person and a football player. He was one of the greatest players of all time but life, my friend, when you least expect it comes to an end.

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All I can say about Lawrence Taylor is that he's the best defensive football player I've seen. I've said many times he's the best player I've seen in my era defensively. Everyone else is a pretender.

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