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Beatrix Potter

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This is a Tale about a tail a tail that belonged to a little red squirrel, and his name was Nutkin.
The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin (1903)

Beatrix Potter

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This writing distinctly about the kite seems to be my destiny, because among the first recollections of my infancy, it seemed to me that, as I was in my cradle, a kite came to me and opened my mouth with its tail, and struck me several times with its tail inside my lips.

Leonardo da Vinci

I've got a tiger by the tail it's plain to see
I won't be much when you've got through with me
Well I'm losing weight and I'm turning mighty pale
Looks like I've got a tiger by the tail.

Buck Owens

Christmas turns things tail-end foremost. The day and the spirit of Christmas rearrange the world parade. As the world arranges it, usually there come first in importance leading the parade with a big blare of a band the Big Shots. Frequently they are also the Stuffed Shirts. That's the first of the parade. Then at the tail end, as of little importance, trudge the weary, the poor, the lame, the halt, and the blind. But in the Christmas spirit, the procession is turned around. Those at the tail end are put first in the arrangement of the Child of Christmas.

Halford E. Luccock

Jesse Vincent: My dog is Web 2.0. Prove me wrong.
Larry: Does your dog have a long tail?
Damian Conway: If you enjoyed these practices, find 245 more like this in this book.
Larry: Does your dog have a long tail?

Larry Wall

When the tail of the tadpole drops off, it can live both in water and on land. When the tail of delusive ignorance drops off from man, he becomes free. He can then live in God and the world equally well.

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