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Wolfram von Eschenbach

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Daz schuof iedoch ein wse man,
daz alter guot solde hn.
jugent ht vil werdekeit,
daz alter siuften unde leit.
ez enwart nie niht als unfruot,
s alter unde armuot.
Was that not a wise man who laid it down that age should have possessions? "Youth has its fill of good things, eld of sighs and sorrows"! "There never was a fate so pitiful as age cum poverty"!
Bk. 1, st. 5, line 11; p. 17

Wolfram von Eschenbach

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Whether a bank lent one million, ten million, or a hundred millions, they would not permanently alter the market rate of interest; they would alter only the value of the money they issued.

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Swa du guotes wbes vingerln
mgest erwerben unt ir gruoz,
daz nim: ez tuot dir kumbers buoz.
du solt zir kusse ghen
und ir lp vast umbevhen:
daz gt gelcke und hhen muot,
op si kiusche ist unde guot.

Wolfram von Eschenbach

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