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William Bill Kristol

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Well, Foley is responsible for it, and the voters in Florida, I guess, who elected him. Maybe they should have known better.
Responding if Republican house leadership bears any responsibility for failing to properly address inappropriate emails allegedly sent by former Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla.) to an underage male congressional page. (October 4, 2006)

William Bill Kristol

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George Bush was not elected by a majority of the voters in the United States, he was appointed by God.

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Florida's Southern all right. Why North Florida and South Georgia are about the same, same folks, same ways, same ways of making a living. Florida is a Southern state sharing the fate of the South. Of course, North Florida and South Florida are different. There are a lot of Northerners in the South and they're different from the old farm and plantation folks in the North. They usually say down here that Ocala is about the dividing line.

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You know he's there illegally. You know he was not elected either by the popular vote or by the vote in Florida.

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During my transition period, I brought in 13 people who were either first-time voters or who hadn't voted in five consecutive elections. I asked each of them a question: Now that you've come into the system, how do we keep you involved?
Their answers were very clear, very honest. They said, It's the same story every four years. Whenever an election's coming up, all the politicians come out and give you the same song and dance about the same issues, all the way up until they get elected. Then you don't hear any more from them until it's time for them to get elected again. We're tired of it. If you want to keep us involved, don't tell us what you think we want to hear, tell us the truth.
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