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Thurston Moore

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"With these reissues, listening to these tapes, it seemed very crude to me. There's no way I'd ever want to play like that again."

Thurston Moore

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"Dumb as hell" - Richard Nixon described Thompson as not able "to interrogate unfriendly witnesses and would be outsmarted by the committee's Democratic counsel." (see: The transcripts of the Nixon tapes published in "Abuse of Power: The New Watergate Tapes".)

Fred Thompson

The Geschick of being: a child that plays... Why does it play, the great child of the world-play Heraclitus brought into view in the ain? It plays, because it plays. The "because" withers away in the play. The play is without "why." It plays since it plays. It simply remains a play: the most elevated and the most profound. But this "simply" is everything, the one, the only... The question remains whether and how we, hearing the movements of this play, play along and accommodate ourselves to the play.

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The Master once referred to the Hindu notion that all creation is "leela" God's play and the universe is his playground. The aim of spirituality, he claimed, is to make all life play.
This seemed too frivolous for a puritanical visitor. "Is their no room then for work?"
"Of course there is. But work becomes spiritual only when it is transformed into play."

Anthony de Mello

"Listening to a band stand there and just play back a CD, song for song doesn't do a thing for me. My mind is a complicated mess, so I need more stimuli to keep it from falling asleep."


"I was quite happy standing there thundering about, playing whatever I could - that's "fun". And I see young bands occasionally now doing the same thing. I think it's called "thrash" now. It's the same thing: It's just kids who can't play, pissing about. It's terrific. That's all we were doing. I mean, Dave could play a little bit, but none of the rest of us could."

Roger Waters
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