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Skye Jethani

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Commodification has led most people to view God as a device to be used rather than an all-powerful Creator to be revered.

Skye Jethani

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Look at who people are elevating and deifying in the public eye, and ask yourself what those people have done to receive such lauding and what it is they havenít. When you look at that you say, okay, are these people being revered for something of merit, or are they completely hallow? Or even worse, are they being revered for something that is actually destructive?

Davey Havok

One should receive pleasures that bring contentment to the Creator. This means that the creature will want to bestow upon the Creator, and will have fear of the Creator, of receiving for oneself, since reception of pleasure - when one receives for one's own benefit - removes him from cleaving to the Creator.

Baruch Ashlag

I may not be as unambiguously hostile to capitalism as many people are, but what I don't like about it is the commodification of personal experiences, it turns everyone into actors.

John N. Gray

... a certain amount of arrogance is essential in carrying forward an idea. In talking about the device with others, it is surprising now in retrospect the number of people who either were quite negative and had reasons to suggest it would not function as described or claimed that it would be of little interest and no better than some already existing device.

Willard Boyle

There appears to me to be no device at present but between an absolute surrender of the liberties of the People and a vigorous exertion...My view of things is I own very gloomy, and I am convinced that in a few years this Government will become completely absolute, or that confusion will arise of a nature almost as much to be deprecated as despotism itself...This is a great Crisis.

Charles James Fox
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