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Fernando Hierro (27/9/2007):"I once said that Raúl is like a Ferrari and now I think he is like a McLaren, Fernando Alonso's car. and he is also one of the few guy's that if i ever have a problem i would go to him rather than my own mother"


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Fernando Pessoa is the extreme example of what may be the essentially modern kind of poet: the objective introvert. None has more consistently tried to find his real self with its multiplicity intact and to keep his poems impersonal. He accepted the dividedness of a human self so completely that he did something unique: wrote poetry under four names — his own and three 'heteronyms'. Not pseudonyms: they are imaginary poets with real poems in them. Fernando Pessoa was four poets in one: Alberto Caeiro, Ricardo Reis, Alvaro de Campos and himself; each strongly distinct from the others. One is soon struck by an external difference between their poems...

Fernando Pessoa

Fernando Gago: "Totti is very important, on and off the pitch, for what he has won and for his charisma. He’s an example for everyone to follow, for the young players and for players like me who have arrived from abroad. The fact that he has played his football here for so long is proof of that. It’s always nice to watch him train."

Francesco Totti

Fernando Pessoa is the most extraordinary poet of Orpheu and the most astonishing poetic phenomenon of this century.

Fernando Pessoa

"Fernando is wanted for 'murder with a deadly weapon' according to the FBI website. As opposed to being wanted for murder with a non-deadly weapon?"

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