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Terry Eagleton

British literary theorist, critic and philosopher, who is regarded as one of the United Kingdom's most influential living literary critics.
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Terry Eagleton
You can tell that the capitalist system is in trouble when people start talking about capitalism.
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Socialism is the completion of democracy, not the negation of it.
Deconstruction... insists not that truth is illusory but that it is institutional.

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Capitalism is the sorcerer's apprentice: it has summoned up powers which have spun wildly out of control and now threaten to destroy us.The task of socialism is not to spur on those powers but to bring them under rational human control.
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The most compelling confirmation of Marx's theory of history is late capitalist society. There is a sense in which this case is becoming truer as time passes.
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History works itself out by an inevitable internal logic.
Terry Eagleton
Chaucer was a class traitor
Shakespeare hated the mob
Donne sold out a bit later
Sidney was a nob.
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The truth is that the past exists no more than the future, even though it feels as though it does.
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