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Smokey Robinson

R&B and soul singer and songwriter.
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Smokey Robinson
You better beware, my friends all told me
When they saw that I was falling for you.
You better beware they told me that girl ain't gonna be true.
She'll have you walking with your head in the air,
Have you thinking that she really, really care.
Then-a, then she'll let you down, she'll really let you down.
She's a girl with no understanding.
And when she's getting tired of you hanging around,
She'll let you drop and say... have a happy landing (happy landing).
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Ah, they tell me that the river's too deep
And it's much too wide for you can't get across to the other side.
But they don't know I've got to get there and hold her in my arms
Just a one more time like I did before when she was mine all mine.
Cause I can hear her saying (come to me baby)
I'm going away.
I'm going to stay.
I'm gonna get to you, no matter what I have to do.
Now if there's a smile on my face,
It's only there tryin' to fool the public,
But when it comes down to foolin' you;
Now honey, that's quite a different subject.
But don't let my glad expression
Give you the wrong impression.
Really I'm sad.
I'm sadder than sad.
You're gone and I'm hurtin' so bad.
Like a clown I pretend to be glad.

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Baby, let's cruise away from here.
Don't be confused, the way is clear.
And if you want it, you got it forever.
This is not a one night stand, babe, yeah.
So let the music take your mind, whoa.
Just release and you will find
Robinson Smokey
My girl has gone, and said goodbye.
Don't you cry, hold your head up high.
Don't give up, give love one more try,
'Cause there's a right girl for every guy.
Smokey Robinson quotes
Maybe you want to give me kisses sweet,
But only for one night with no repeat.
Maybe you'd go away and never call,
And a taste of honey is worse than none at all (oh little girl)
Oh little girl, in that case I don't want no part. (I do believe that)
That would only break my heart.
Oh, but if you feel like loving me,
If you got the notion,
I second that emotion.
Smokey Robinson
People say I'm the life of the party
'Cause I tell a joke or two.
Although I might be laughing loud and hearty,
Deep inside I'm blue.
Robinson Smokey quotes
I don't care what they think of me,
And I don't care what they say.
I don't care what they think if you're leavin'.
I'm gonna beg you to stay.
I don't care if they start to avoid me.
I don't care what they do.
I don't care about anything else
But bein' with you,
Bein' with you.
I don't like you
But I love you.
See that I'm always
Thinking of you.
Oh, oh, oh,
You treat me badly;
I love you madly.
You've really got a hold on me.
You've really got a hold on me, baby.
Robinson Smokey
Ooo la la la la
I did you wrong; my heart went out to play.
But in the game I lost you.
What a price to pay, hey I'm crying.
Smokey Robinson
She's not a bad girl because
She made me see, hmmm...
How love could be.
But she's a bad girl because (bad girl because)
She wants to be free, hmmmm... (bad girl because)
She wants to be free (bad girl)

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No don't you know my daddy told me,
Told me right from the start
About youth.
He said no matter how old a man is,
He's partly a boy in his heart.
Yeah, and that's the truth.
Smokey Robinson
I will build you a castle with a tower so high
It reaches the moon.
I'll gather melodies from birdies that fly
And compose you a tune.
Give you lovin' warm as Mama's oven.
And if that don't do,
Then I'll try something new.
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If ever I have a son in life, I'll call him in one day
Sit him down upon my knee and here is what I'll say.
Robinson Smokey
What's so good about goodbye?
All it does is make you cry.
Well, if leaving causes grieving,
And depart can break you heart,
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