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Robert Fisk

British journalist and war correspondent.
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Robert Fisk
Yesterday, with an inevitability born of the utterly false promise that the bloodbath in Iraq is yielding dividends, we were supposed to believe that the death of Zarqawi was a famous victory. Zarqawi's end is not a famous victory, nor will it bring Iraq any nearer to peace, June 9, 2006
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When we journalists fail to get across the reality of events to our readers, we have not only failed in our job; we have also become a party to the bloody events that we are supposed to be reporting. If we cannot tell the truth about the shooting down of a civilian airliner - because this will harm 'our' side in a war or because it will cast one of our 'hate' countries in the role of victim or because it might upset the owner of our newspaper - then we contribute to the very prejudices that provoke wars in the first place. If we cannot blow the whistle on a navy that shoots civilians out of the sky, then we make future killings of the same kind as 'understandable' as Mrs Thatcher found this one. Delete the Americans' panic and incompetence - all of which would be revealed in the months to come - and pretend an innocent pilot is a suicidial maniac, and it's only a matter of time before we blow another airliner out of the sky. Journalism can be lethal.
The New York Times "last month announced that the Syrian-supported Hizbollah resistance in Lebanon had 10,000 missiles that could fly to Tel Aviv and "leave in their wake devastation more terrible than anything Israel has ever known". The missiles are a myth I travel the roads of southern Lebanon every two weeks and there are no such missiles, as the UN force there will confirm but this doesn't matter. Would President Assad invite a cruise missile to his palace?, 15 April, 2003

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Yet there is one achievement we should note. The ghastly Saddam, the most revolting dictator in the Arab world, who does indeed use heinous torture and has indeed used gas, is now leading a country that is fighting the world's only superpower and that has done so for almost two weeks without surrendering. Yes, General Tommy Franks has accomplished one "truly remarkable achievement". He has turned the monster of Baghdad into the hero of the Arab world and allowed Iraqis to teach every opponent of America how to fight their enemy. The monster of Baghdad is now the hero of Arabia, April 1, 2003
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War is primarily not about victory or defeat but about death and the infliction of death. It represents the total failure of the human spirit.
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