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Pierre Boulez

French composer and conductor of contemporary classical music.
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Pierre Boulez
Proceeding from the simple fact that I think, I tried to find out how a musical language could be built from scratch.
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The aim of music is not to express feelings but to express music. It is not a vessel into which the composer distills his soul drop by drop, but a labyrinth with no beginning and no end, full of new paths to discover, where mystery remains eternal.
Stupid, stupid, stupid!

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[A]ny musician who has not experienced - I do not say understood, but truly experienced - the necessity of dodecaphonic music is USELESS. For his whole work is irrelevant to the needs of his epoch.
Boulez Pierre
Creation exists only in the unforeseen made necessary.
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The most elegant way of solving the opera problem would be to blow up the opera houses.
Pierre Boulez
Revolutions are celebrated when they are no longer dangerous.
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