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Patrick Marber

English playwright, director, actor and Academy Award nominated screenwriter.
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Patrick Marber
No one ever wanted to see it as anything other than a boring play about a middle-aged man having a mid-life crisis. I think itís about rather more than that - or maybe itís not. Maybe thatís exactly what it is about.
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Back in my 20s, I was playing poker to avoid living. I wasnít very satisfied with life. I used to play in a big game in Archway. And weíd play as much as we possibly could and for as much money as we had, and that went on for a couple of years.
I was thinking in the cab on the way here that when I did press for the original production it felt like this was what Iíve always dreamt of ó to be talking about myself, and about a play that Iíve written, and to be photographed. It was what I wanted. Now itís just part of the job.

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We've all seen 'Jewing it up' performances. They are about as miserable to watch as as 'camping it up' performances when representing gays.
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