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Milton Bradley (baseball)

Major League Baseball outfielder known for both his skill as a player and his angry personality.
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Milton Bradley (baseball)
I really haven't even thought about it," he said. "If I somehow miraculously made it to the All-Star Game, I would be floored. I'd really be totally humbled by that. I'm just happy right now to play, to produce and to be with a good group of guys.
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You can't touch the umpire. You can't spit on the umpire. I know that. But you just get to the point where you're just, "There, I got that off my chest."
To see his boxscore lines ... is to have no idea that the Indians center fielder might very well be the angriest player in baseball.

I want people to say Milton Bradley was a pretty good ballplayer and a pretty good person. Anybody who is going to stand between me getting there, then they need to be eliminated.
Bradley Milton (baseball)
I don't play this game to make friends.
I'm always OK. As long as I'm black, I'm fine.
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