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Mengistu Neway (1919 – 1961)

Commander of the Ethiopian Imperial Bodyguard during the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie.
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Mengistu Neway
I will not appeal your decision. You have already denied me justice by not letting me have a proper defense in this trial. I have done what you say, but I am not guilty. Ethiopia has been standing still, while our African brothers are moving ahead in the struggle to overcome poverty. What I did was in the best interests of my country.
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I must die so as to see again those who died before, and to tell them the seed we sowed has taken root.
If I wanted, I could have changed cars on a daily basis. I could drink selected French Champagne everyday. When thousands of people would queue-up to enter the grounds of the Imperial Palace I had unfettered access to the Emperor. I chose to forfeit these privileges and opportunities and decided to free my people and country from darkness, poverty and underdevelopment. I had no other ambition.

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