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Matt Smith (actor)

English stage and television actor, most famous for his role as the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor in the British television series Doctor Who.
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Matt Smith (actor)
Oh there just arenít enough good words to say about Matt. Heís amazing, and heís the most gorgeous person, and I will really treasure being on stage with him, always, because heís so special.
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He's this sort of harborer of good and fun and madness, and he's the cleverest man in the universe ó and the silliest man in the universe.
Smith is upbeat, open and chatty, with a goofy smile, dishevelled clothes and a tendency to fidget that makes him seem like a slightly nerdy younger brother all grown up. He has a genuine enthusiasm for everything he talks about, including the people he works with

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The thrill he gets from music is something he wants theatre to be able to transmit. Of his favourite band, Radiohead, he says, with typical exuberance: "Thatís it. Thatís what I want when I go to the theatre, when Iím in a play, is them, and that experience that I get from them. I admire the musicianship, I admire the soul that goes into it, and the execution and the work, the preparation. Everything is done right, I think, and done with good intention and soul and heart and good spirit. They are a lesson to us all."
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I quite like the transitions of being an actor, because you get to explore these little pockets of life. So if youíre playing a builder you get to know about building, if youíre playing a scientist or a physician or something you get to know about physics. And similarly with this world I like exploring their culture, that very sort of upper middle class, addictiveÖ thatís part of the reason I love it.
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