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Margaret Sullavan (1909 – 1960)

American stage and film actress.
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Margaret Sullavan
It's my nature to go around in high spirits most of the time and then to collapse.
Sullavan quotes
You'll never learn to act in Hollywood. Not in a thousand years.
Most actors are basically neurotic people. Terribly, terribly unhappy. That's one of the reasons they become actors. Nobody well adjusted would ever want to expose himself or herself to a large group of strangers. Think of it. Insanity! Generally, by their very nature - that is if they're at all dedicated - actors do not make good parents. They are altogether egotistical and selfish. The better the actor - and I hate to say it, the bigger the star - why, the more that seems to be true. Honestly, I don't think I've ever known one - not one! - star who was successfully able to combine a career and family life

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