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Kenneth Williams (1926 – 1988)

English comic actor and comedian.
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Kenneth Williams
Living with someone always means a denial of self in SOME way and I suppose I have always known it was something I couldn't accomplish. So I've always stayed on the sidelines. Getting the pleasure vicariously. It's not wholly satisfactory, but then of course no lives are, and you know what I think about indiscriminate sex and promiscuous trade. I think it's the beginning of a long, long road to despair.
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Oh what's the bloody point?
It's frightening to think with ?modern medicine and all the technique available to them they can't really help you. In the old days, you know, you were better off because nowadays, they are all specialists. Everyone's becoming better and better at less and ?less. Eventually someone's going to be superb, at nothing.

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I didn't like the King's Cross world: it was grimy and dirty. I always envisioned myself in much more romantic and grand surroundings. I never really thought that I belonged to the working-class area at all.
Williams Kenneth
He was very difficult to work with. When he felt like it, it was just bliss. But he could be hideous.
Kenneth Williams quotes
My father and I didn't get on. He was sport mad and wanted a son who enjoyed that. He also liked to go to the pub for a pint of bitter. When I was old enough to go with him, I asked for a sweet sherry. He was shocked and said: "You namby-pamby sod."
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