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Kano Sisters

And Mika Kano (? ??, Kan? Mika, born 23 September 1967 in Saij?, Ehime), known collectively as the Kano Sisters, are Japanese celebrities.
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Kano Sisters
People look to us as style leaders. But this is one more aspect in which we simply do what we please. We never follow fads; we create them.
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Utsukushiku naru ni wa kunren ga hitsuyo desu. Watashi wa chiisai koro kara kunren o shite kimashita.
It's difficult to explain. We're still very confused.

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Mika is a traditional Japanese girl—in a good way—but I like to play the field. Maybe I'm bisexual. I think it's wrong to live only for men.
Sisters Kano
People see us and sometimes they faint, they cry, they cannot control themselves.
Kano Sisters quotes
Our fame is suffocating for us.
Kano Sisters
In nude portraits, there's porn and there's art. We consider what we do art, and we think of ourselves as art objects.
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