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Josaia Waqabaca

Josaia Waqabaca is a former political activist in Fiji, who was imprisoned in 2001 for offences related to the Fiji coup of 2000.
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Josaia Waqabaca
"Commander Bainimarama is clean and fighting for the truth. The stand he is taking is going to save the Fijian race." (on the opposition of Bainimarama, the Military commander, to many of the policies pursued by the present government).
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"Today, in the streets ordinary Fijians are talking about the truth and cleanliness, which is hard to find in this government. This is because all these years ordinary Fijians like me have been used by elite Fijians and foreigners who provide money to carry out their illegal activities."
"My fear is that if it is not resolved then it will be Fijians shooting Fijians."

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"The brains behind the 2000 political crisis should be brought to justice but they are protected by networks existing within the Government."
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