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Ingeborg Refling Hagen (1895 – 1989)

Norwegian author and teacher.
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Ingeborg Refling Hagen
This face seemed full of suffering, despair, confusion, so that I became uneasy again... It seemed like tiredness and defeatism spread from him to everyone close by.
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...[T]hat lunatic monster...
He was pretty. His eyes were kind and young. One had to wonder whether he was fourteen years old, or a thousand, being so smooth and untouched. A little boy peered out of the man's face. He was funny... I was bewildered... a man, responsible for the life and death of thousands, and yet there was no trace on him? One could be frightened of less, and yet so harmlessly innocent? Yes, innocent was the word... I knew I would remember this meeting the rest of my life, because I had never before met an emptyness like this.

[Capitalism]... is a great troll. It settles in a society, and then eats away silently. Eats more and more freedom, more humanity, more human rights, more ability to speak...
Hagen Ingeborg Refling
She was so open and frank... She made space around her, if we just behaved... Everybody seemed to trust this woman and gathered gladly around her.
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