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Happy Rhodes

American singer, songwriter, and electronic musician with a four-octave vocal range, who has released 11 albums since 1986.
Happy Rhodes
Why couldn't someone have patience for me?
Why couldn't someone be wise to my fears?
Tell me why couldn't somebody cry for me
This time?
Rhodes quotes
Turn the lights down for a while
And have a rock with the solitude
Many worlds are born tonight
Because the needy is everyone.
"I can see the purpose now and all I've learned
All the roads and where they've turned
I can see, I can see everything, the total truth
I'm ready for another youth."
Going to fly

Rhodes Happy quotes
I'm thrilled that people can get something out of my music. I have to attribute that to integrity and honesty. I've found that people aren't really as different as they sometimes seem. We all have joy and tragedy in our lives. So it only follows that if I write something from my heart and stay true to myself, others will easily identify.
Rhodes Happy
My time's too short to waste on
Things you say without your brain.
Will you paint works of art
When you speak?
When you open your mouth
Will I weep?
Happy Rhodes quotes
I am transparent
An open book;
There's no choice in the matter
But the breath from my mind
Is living air,
And the notes from my heart
Are what I share.
Words weren't made for cowards.
Happy Rhodes
We are the number one offender
Of specieism and yet
Here we are reaching out for aliens
Looking for our salvation.
Pity our emptiness
Save our souls.
Rhodes Happy quotes
I dreamed I was an animal
In a human world;
Now when I hear big sounds
I cry like a little girl.
Can't stop flinching, everything is lethal
Looking for a hero to get me outta this
Can't stop flinching, tell me that you're ok
Looking for approval and one last kiss.
Rhodes Happy
The first time my brothers saw me, when I was a day or two old and still in the hospital, my brother Mark could not pronounce the name "Kimberley," and I was an especially happy baby, so he decided it would be easier to call me "Happy." From that moment on, my family members never used the name Kimberley. I was forced, however, to use my given name while attending school. As soon as I turned sixteen, my name was legally changed to Happy Tyler Rhodes. As far as I'm concerned, it's the ony name I've ever had. When people ask me if it's my real name, I always say "yes."
Happy Rhodes
There's not much to hide behind
We can see for a mile
Without our eyes.
I can see through a smile
To any lie.

Happy Rhodes quotes
I want to go wherever you go because
all the colors are brighter there
and there is more magic in the air
wherever you go, here and hereafter.
Happy Rhodes
Do I have to dig? Do I have to prod?
Reach into your chest
And pull your feelings out?
Are you dancing dead?
Or maybe walking toast?
If you feel anything
Be brave
Come forth
Let it show.
Tell me what d'you think of life?
Tell me do you think at all?
Rhodes quotes
Where're you going Ra?
Take me with you Ra...
You're such a busy God
I wish you could stay
I only want to play and play
But you're such a busy god
and I'm such a mortal Ra
Rhodes Happy
When the rain came down, I was older than the earth.
I could die right now, and plan another birth
Anytime I choose.
I am in peace, in love, in harmony,
when the rain comes
Rhodes Happy quotes
Even the leaves laugh
'cause they have what I have
Reach from the best tree
So he can see me
And with your face
With your face comes laughter
And with your touch
And with your touch comes joy.
Happy Rhodes
Every step I take, I am alive. I am Life.
Happy Rhodes quotes
Come on down and see our
Zoos and refugee camps
Ain't it worth your time?
Pity our emptiness
Save our souls.
Happy Rhodes
He is broken, far from free
Words were spoken, 'tween him and me:
"I had friends, yes, I was admired
I'm so old now, feel so tired."
Well he walks to the gate and he looks behind
at life in rewind
And wishes he had known these things
while still alive.
Rhodes Happy
Tell me all the plans
You have for the great beyond,
Will you be physical again
Or be a cosmic vagabond?

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