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Hal David (1921 – 2012)

American lyricist and songwriter.
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Hal David
The love of a girl can make a man stay on when he should go,
Just tryin' to build a peaceful life where love is free to grow.
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What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
It's the only thing that there's just too little of.
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No not just for some but for everyone.
Are we meant to take more than we give
or are we meant to be kind?
And if only fools are kind, Alfie,
then I guess it's wise to be cruel.

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I walk along the city streets you used to walk along with me,
And every step I take recalls how much in love we used to be.
Oh, how can I forget you?
When there is always something there to remind me
David Hal
Fame and fortune is a magnet.
It can pull you far away from home
With a dream in your heart you're never alone.
Dreams turn into dust and blow away
And there you are without a friend
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The way that we cheered whenever our team was scoring a touchdown,
The time that the floor fell out of my car when I put the clutch down.
Hal David
What do you get when you fall in love?
You only get lies and pain and sorrow
So, for at least, until tomorrow
I'll never fall in love again
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They mean a trip to Paris or Rome
To someone else but not for me.
The trains and boats and planes
Took you away, away from me.
Mother told me always to follow the golden rule.
And she said it's really a sin to be mean and cruel.
So remember if you're untrue
Angels up in heaven are looking at you.
David Hal
Oh, I was only twenty four hours from Tulsa,
Ah, only one day away from your arms;
I hate to do this to you but I love somebody new, what can I do?
And I can never, never, never ... go home again.
Hal David
Day after day
There are girls at the office
And men will always be men.
Don't send him off with your hair still in curlers;
You may not see him again.

Hal David quotes
Every time you go away, I always say
This time it's goodbye, dear
Loving you the way I do
I take you back, without you I'd die dear
Knowing I love you so.
Hal David
On the day that you were born
The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold
And starlight in your eyes of blue.
David quotes
The man who shot Liberty Valance,
He was the bravest of them all.
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