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Frank Macfarlane Burnet (1899 – 1985)

Australian virologist best known for his contributions to immunology.
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Frank Macfarlane Burnet
One of the minor regrets, not really a big regret, is that Iíve never published a paper with Mac Burnet. Iíve published 500 papers, not a single one has Burnet as a co-author. He did not believe in putting his name on a paper if he hadnít done at least one third of the work himself. A sort of an honest unselfish approach, when it comes time to reap the glory you do it without having someone grabbing it instead of you.
Burnet quotes
I can see no hope at present of such a vaccine being produced... I have adopted a frankly defeatist attitude towards the problem of poliomyelitis and I hope that future developments will prove me wrong... No means of controlling poliomyelitis is at present visible.
I can see no practical application of molecular biology to human affairs... DNA is a tangled mass of linear molecules in which the informational content is quite inaccessible.

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