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Francis Schaeffer (1912 – 1984)

American Evangelical Christian theologian, philosopher, and Presbyterian pastor.
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Francis Schaeffer
Now, not all the founding fathers were individually, personally, Christians. That certainly is true. But, nevertheless, they founded the country on the base that there is a God who is the Creator (now I come to the next central phrase) who gave the inalienable rights.
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Cambridge historians who aren't Christians would tell you that if it wasn't for the Wesley revival and the social change that Wesley's revival had brought, England would have had its own form of the French Revolution. It was Wesley saying people must be treated correctly and dealing down into the social needs of the day that made it possible for England to have its bloodless revolution in contrast to France's bloody revolution.
History indicates that that at a certain point of economic breakdown people cease being concerned with indivdual liberties and are ready to accept regimentation. The danger is obviously greater when two main values so many people have are personal peace and affluence.

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The reason that these freedoms were there is because they believed there was somebody who gave the inalienable rights. But if we have the view that the final reality is material or energy which has existed forever in some form, we must understand that this view never, never, never would have given the rights which we now know and which, unhappily, I say to you (those of you who are Christians) that too often you take all too much for granted.
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We must understand something very thoroughly. If society if the state gives the rights, it can take them away they're not inalienable. If the states give the rights, they can change them and manipulate them. But this was not the view of the founding fathers of this country. They believed, although not all of them were individual Christians, that there was a Creator and that this Creator gave the inalienable rights this upon which our country was founded and which has given us the freedoms which we still have even the freedoms which are being used now to destroy the freedoms.
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His death there on Calvary's cross is for us individually, but it's not egotistically individualistic. Our individual salvation will one day be a portion of the restoration of all things. It is our calling until He comes back again that happy day, to do all we can while it won't be perfect as when He comes back to see substantial healing in every area that He will then perfectly heal, and that Wesley did understand.
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