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Emilio De Bono (1866 – 1944)

Italian general who fought in World War I and fascist activist who helped organize the Italian Fascist Party.
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Emilio De Bono
We look on seriously, but serenely.
De Bono quotes
If you know anything, deny, deny, deny. I want to save Fascism.
De Bono
Listen: if there is war down there— and if you think me worthy of it, and capable —you ought to grant me the honor of conducting the campaign. Surely, you don't think me too old?

De Bono Emilio quotes
This was a great reward for us. We had not had the good fortune to meet the enemy in force.
De Bono Emilio
Forgive me, that was the soldier speaking. Now this is the man speaking again. And the man is more than the soldier. I can bear anything. Death is a more solemn thing than all the earthly trash.
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