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Edward Norris Kirk (1802 – 1874)

Christian missionary, pastor, teacher, evangelist and writer in the Presbyterian, Congregational and revivalist traditions in the USA.
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Edward Norris Kirk
A refusal to believe that God loves us is the unbelief which destroys the soul.
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Brethren, the Deity was not revealed to gratify our curiosity, or to increase our pride of intellect, but to bring us into relations of affection, submission, and communion with Him.
Your great employment is to bring the individual souls of men to Christ.

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Pause, fellow-sinner, fellow man, before that wonderful Being that you find now in the manger, now on the cross; follow His wonderful footsteps; dwell on His words; hear His prayers; gaze on His tears, nay, on His flowing blood, until you fully and firmly believe, never to doubt it, or forget that God loves us when we do not love Him.
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Other books we may read and criticise. To the Scriptures we must bow the entire soul, with all its faculties.
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