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Edward German (1862 – 1936)

English musician and composer, best remembered for his extensive output of incidental music for the stage and as a successor to Arthur Sullivan in the field of English comic opera.
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Edward German
My music cannot possibly have given you one hundredth part of the joy your music has given me.
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There is only one man to follow me who has genius, and that is Edward German.
If you can't do anything as good as or even better than what you have already done, then don't do it.

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I should like to shake Eric Coates but I won't. When I meet him he says, "I just love every note you have written." and I believe he does--but--as you say--well!
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I am one of those men who never enter into controversies but I shall certainly speak my views to anybody whom I may meet on the subject.
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It is an immortal masterpiece. Anybody and everybody today would, I should say, give the rest of their lives to have written it. Anyway I would.
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