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David Lyndsay (1486 – 1555)

Leading Scottish poet and playwright of the mid-16th century; also a courtier, a diplomat, and his country's highest-ranking herald.
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David Lyndsay
Unthrift, sweirnes, falset, povertie, and stryfe
Pat polacey in dainger of hir lyfe.
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That nicht he sleipit never ane wink,
Bot still did on the Ladie think.
Quhen the Sonne is at the hycht,
Att nonne quhen it doith schyne most brycht,
The schaddow of that hydduous strength
Sax myle and more it is of lenth.
Thus maye ye Juge, in to your thocht,
Gyfe Babilone be heych, or nocht.

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Quhowbeit that divers devote cunnyng Clerkis
In Latyne toung hes wryttin syndrie bukis,
Our unlernit knawis lytill of thare werkis,
More than thay do the rauyng of the Rukis.
Quharefore to Colyearis, Cairtaris, & to Cukis,
To Jok and Thome, my Ryme sall be diractit,
With cunnyng men quhowbeit it wylbe lactit.
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