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David Gerrold

Better known by his pen name David Gerrold, is an American science fiction author.
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David Gerrold
Iíve always felt that anyone who wants to talk about my private life is only demonstrating the paucity of his/her imagination when there are so many more important and exciting things to discuss.
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You cannot avoid mortality. But you can choose your way of meeting it. And that is the most that any man can hope for.
Live well, my son.
Life is full of little surprises.
Time travel is full of big ones.

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I think I exist, therefore I exist. I think.
Gerrold David
I wish I could change it all. I wish I could.
But I canít.
Now I know what itís like to have an indelible pastóone that canít be erased and changed at will. Itís frustrating. Itís maddening. And it makes me wish I had been more careful and thoughtful.
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Death comes black and hard, rushing down on me from the future, with no possible chance of escape.
David Gerrold
I also know that Christianity has held back any further advances in human consciousness for the past thousand years. And for the past century itís been in direct conflict with its illegitimate offspring, Communism (again with a capital C). Both ask the individual to sacrifice his self-interest to the higher goals of the organization. (Which is okay by me as long as itís voluntary; but as soon as either becomes too bigóand takes on that damned capital Cóthey stop asking for cooperation and start demanding it.)
Any higher states of human enlightenment have been sacrificed between these two monoliths.
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You arenít really jumping through time, thatís the illusion; what youíre actually doing is leaving one timestream and jumping toómaybe even creatingóanother. The second one is identical to the one you just left, including all of the changes you made in itóup to the instant of your appearance. At that moment, simply by the fact of your existence in it, the second timestream becomes a different timestream. You are the difference.
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