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Daniel Handler

American author, screenwriter and accordionist.
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Daniel Handler
This is love, and the trouble with it: it can make you embarrassed. Love is really liking someone a whole lot and not wanting to screw that up. Everybody's chewed over this. This unites us, this part of love.
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"I love you, too" David said and took the bottle.
"I want you to love me in particular," Helena said
judgmentally, judgmentally, judgmentally i would believe in you and sword fight others who did not, any necessary sacrifice if you were in the mood for that.

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... the point is, why is there cruelty? Why do people ask other people to do impossible things? why behave this way? why is there mean, when there are better things than mean, love particularly?
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"When I was crazy." the radio explained, "I thought you were great."
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Wedding after wedding after wedding and then yours - your wedding? Would that make you what they're now calling happy?
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