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Charles Dibdin (1745 – 1814)

British musician, dramatist, novelist, actor and songwriter.
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Charles Dibdin
Did you ever hear of Captain Wattle?
He was all for love, and a little for the bottle.
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There s a sweet little cherub that sits up aloft,
To keep watch for the life of poor Jack.
His form was of the manliest beauty,
His heart was kind and soft;
Faithful below he did his duty,
But now he s gone aloft.

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For a soldier I listed, to grow great in fame.
And be shot at for sixpence a day.
Dibdin Charles
Spanking Jack was so comely, so pleasant, so jolly,
Though winds blew great guns, still he d whistle and sing;
Jack loved his friend, and was true to his Molly,
And if honour gives greatness, was great as a king.
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