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Bryan Ferry

Singer, known for his career as lead singer of Roxy Music and his solo career.
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Bryan Ferry
I like the name Atomic Kitten. It's so great.
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All those rappers, they're the only glamorous people working in music now. The rock bands are rather drab, even the good ones. You definitely don't want to look at them. But some of those R&B people are very good.
I don't think I've ever played the Olympia before, but I'm not totally sure.

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I like the second album that I did, For Your Pleasure, the second Roxy album. It's a long time ago. It was my favorite overall album that I've done.
Ferry Bryan
When I stopped touring in the early '80s for a few years, it was a mistake looking back. I lost touch with my audience in a way and I think that was a bad career move.
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